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Santiago de Compostela

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ABOVE: Tour buses park below street grade just outside the historic center.

Tourist information

The Galician Tourist Office, or Turgalicia, is a great place to begin planning a trip to Spain's northwest corner. For more information on the city itself, see the official Santiago de Compostela Tourism site.

Santiago de Compostela Tourism has a number of tourist information offices and kiosks, including one in the center of town at Rúa do Vilar 63 and another at the airport. For a complete list, see the clickable links on this page.

For general information about the city, read Wikipedia's article.

Finally, if you need help in planning a walk along the Way of St. James, see the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage links that accompany our book review of The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago.

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Santiago de Compostela travel guide:
A holy city for pilgrims
Sightseeing, excursions
Tourist information

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