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View from Hotel de La Ville

ABOVE: A view of the cruise and ferry port from the Hotel de "La Ville," which faces Civitavecchia's seafront promenade.

Hotels and restaurants in Civitavecchia


Civitavecchia's free tourist map (available at the tourist office's booth near the port entrance) lists 15 hotels and 10 B&Bs in the city. Unless you're arriving by car, the most convenient places to stay are along the Viale Garibaldi or the Viale della Repubblica between the railroad station and the port entrance. Our secure reservations partner,, offers guaranteed lowest available rates at hotels in Civitavecchia. Three hotels with especially good locations are:

  • Hotel de La Ville entranceThe Hotel de "La Ville", an elegant four-star hotel in a 19th Century waterfront mansion. It's about 100 meters from the railroad station and 200 meters from the port entrance, with 37 rooms, 8 suites, an upscale restaurant that serves fish and international cuisine, and a romantic vaulted taverna in the cellar that doubles as a breakfast room. See our illustrated Hotel de "La Ville" review and photo gallery.

  • Hotel San Giorgio CivitavecchiaThe four-star Hotel San Georgio, which is slightly more expensive than the Hotel de "La Ville" with similar amenities and a location that's a bit closer to the port entrance.

  • The Hotel Mediterraneo, a modern three-star hotel on the seafront. It's a few doors down the Viale Garibaldi from the Hotel de "La Ville," close to restaurants and shops.

  • Note: Rates at the hotels listed above are quite reasonable, especially when compared to hotel prices in Rome. That's one reason, besides convenience, why you might want to spend the night in Civitavecchia instead of Rome if you're departing on a cruise the next day.

For more accommodation listings, see's Civitavecchia page.


McDonald's CivitavecchiaCivitavecchia has a good variety of places to eat, ranging from hotel dining rooms and upscale restaurants to pizza parlors, gelato shops, and the inevitable McDonald's (next to the port entrance, for the convenience of ships' crews and passengers who may have survived for weeks without fast food).

Two popular areas for restaurants are the Viale Garibaldi (facing the seaside promenade) and the Piazza Fratti in the old Ghetto just east of the Corso Centocelle pedestrian shopping street in downtown Civitavecchia. (The upscale La Scaletta, at Lungoporto Gramsci 65, has a good reputation.)

In good weather, many restaurants and bars have outdoor seating. You'll also find a handful of cafés by the beaches of the Pirgo, toward the eastern end of the waterfront.

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