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Packing for Europe
Happiness lies somewhere between a travel tote and a steamer trunk. Our article has luggage tips with links to packing lists and other resources.

Packing for Europe in 1966
Forget your travel stereotypes about the Swinging Sixties. To the parents of North America's hippie generation, packing for Europe was more about suitcases and foundation garments than backpacks or tie-dyed t-shirts.

Killer Shoulder Bags
Your camera bag, computer tote, or other shoulder bag could put you in the hospital--or in the grave.

Rick Steves Ravenna Rolling Case
We tested this hybrid polycarbonate-fabric suitcase on a trip from the U.S.A. to Laos, and it's our new "go to" bag for traveling light in the summer months.

ECBC Lance Executive Daypack
Don't let the "executive" name deceive you--ECBC's airport-friendly backpack is ideal for travelers with laptops.

rotation180° Travel Away Backpack
Mindshift Gear's unique backpack has a built-in rotatable belt pack for your phone, small tablet, point-and-shoot camera, guidebook, maps, and other travel essentials.

AirBac Backpack
Durant Imboden reviews the AirBac AirTech, which cushions the backpack's weight with an air bladder that rests against the lower back.

Arcop�dico L19 Booties
These ultra-lightweight women's boots are squishy for easy packing, with enough comfort and arch support for all-day walking in Paris, Porto, or Prague.

Scottevest Expedition Jacket
With 37 pockets, a "Weight Management System," and a "Personal Area Network," this may be the ultimate three-season jacket (at least until version 2.0 comes along) for the traveling packrat. Also see our Scottevest Transformer Jacket article and our other Scottevest travel-clothing reviews.

ShaveTech USB Travel Shaver
Unlike conventional electric razors, the pocket-size ShaveTech weighs less than a smartphone and charges from your laptop's USB port.

Rogue Front Pocket Wallet
Men, take heed: If you're going to carry your wallet in your trousers, get it off your hip and into a front pocket (where it should be safer from pickpockets and won't contribute to back or leg pain).

Paper Wallet
Paper Media Design's stylish but practical bifold wallet is made of Tyvek, which is thinner, crisper, and more moisture-resistant than leather.

Passport Holders
An "Art in your Pocket" passport cover from Jamila Starwater Tazewell's 11:11 Enterprises can make your passport stand out from others at the hotel reception counter or your cruise ship's passport pickup desk.

Antler Size Zero Cabin Suitcase
This British wheeled upright is slightly smaller than its U.S. counterparts, but it's remarkably light in weight, and most European and Asian airlines will accept it as a carry-on bag. (Caveat: Our field tests raised questions about the bag's durability.)

Briggs & Riley Expandable Carry-On
The Briggs & Riley U-21NX has some unique features--among them, a patented "one-touch" expansion device and a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty.

Travelpro Crew5
In our quest for the perfect European travel suitcase, we tested a fifth-generation bag from the people who invented "rollaboard" luggage.

PUP Personal Utility Pouch
If you're tired of looking like a kangaroo and don't need a full-size tote, ditch your "fanny pack" and wear a PUP around your waist, over your shoulder, or across your chest. Also see:

GiZmo Travel Bag
Jean Newell improves on the original PUP with a bag that has 20% more space and better protection against pickpockets.

Boom Bags
If you've ever longed to take your Klipschorns on a vacation or business trip, a Boom Bags 'stereo in a suitcase' may be the perfect travel companion.

The Ultimate Camera Bag for Travelers
It's made in England, it's a photographer's delight, and it converts into a travel tote with a snap and a tug.

SeV turns the travel vest inside out with a stylish, efficient design that frustrates pickpockets. (Archived article.)

The Wine Mummy
Vino Amici's bubble-lined, reusable plastic pouch makes it easier (and safer) to carry a bottle of wine or liquor in your checked luggage.

Z-CoiL Shoes
Put a spring in your step--literally--with these shock-absorbing shoes, which prevent sore feet during all-day sightseeing.

If you've ever wanted to buy flowers while traveling, this lightweight folding travel vase is for you.

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