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Lisbon Umbrella Sites

From: Lisbon, Portugal travel guide

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ABOVE: The Tower of Belém once guarded the entrance to Lisbon from the Tagus river and estuary. It later served as a customs house.

Lisbon tourism sites

Visit Lisboa
The official Lisbon convention and visitors' bureau has plenty of general information, and you can order a 24-, 48-, or 72-hour Lisboa Card for transportation, museum admissions, and discounts.

This site is one of the best all-around independent guides to the city.

Lisbon Travel Ideas
Mike Seguin launched in 2021. It's a great source of useful, reader-friendly travel information about the Portuguese capital.
This popular site is from the author of an outstanding handbook for travelers and expats, Moving to Portugal Made Simple.

Lonely Planet: Lisbon
Read the background info and practical tips for the city and its surroundings, then buy a Lonely Planet Lisbon or Portugal guidebook to pack in your carry-on.

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